Trisha Vergis, born in 1962, is an American painter, master woodcarver, and conservator based in Bucks and Hunterdon Counties, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Vergis studied her craftsmanship and painting skills at institutions like Ursinus College, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Moore College of Art, Philadephia College of Art, and in her apprenticeships with master painters, carvers and conservators. Her talent was awarded by prestigious organizations such as the 2017 Best of Show at Ellarslie, Trenton City Museum, Best of Show and First Place awards at the Tinicum Arts Festival as well as numerous inclusions at Phillips Mill Annual Art Exhibitions. In addition, she has exhibited in solo shows throughout her career, most recently at the Gratz Conservation Gallery with a special summer exhibition.

As a realist painter she paints her surroundings: special objects, local landscapes, activities, people and seasonal fruits, flowers and vegetables. This realist approach to painting ranges from Fauvism (heightened colors with aggressive brush work), to Trompe-L’Oeil (trick of the eye), hyper-realistic imagery creating the optical illusion of three dimensions.

“I feel my job as an artist is to bring joy. I try to become very close with my subject, creating a respite and parallel presence for the viewer. Painting, like dreaming, becomes about making personal connections to observations, memories and impressions. My intention is to engage the viewer to experience the nuances of the subject.”

To create color harmony in her paintings, Trisha paints with a very limited palette and sculptural brushstrokes. As a Plein Air and studio painter, she prefers to paint Alla Prima, all at once and wet on wet.

All of this could be called Trisha Vergis’ artistic personality . . . one which the gallery’s founder, Herman Silverman, truly admired!