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The Silverman Gallery, now in its eighth year, continues its commitment to showcasing original oil paintings by today’s finest artists working in the New Hope tradition.

Rhonda Garland

A native of Albuquerque, NM, she grew up surrounded by art and the magical skies and natural landscapes of the American Southwest. Blessed with artists as parents, she began working with jewelry, sculpture, quilting, needle arts and drawing at a young age. Introduced to calligraphy in high school, she taught herself Italic and Gothic lettering and has been working with calligraphy in some form or fashion ever since.

“I find mixing and contrasting color against color and lines next to color results in forms that are quite satisfying. For me, it’s all about texture, pattern, volume and shape, especially when combined with letterforms and calligraphic flourishes. I am moved and inspired by nature, light and form as well as all kinds of art: classic, modern, abstract, surreal and Impressionist.”




The Silverman Gallery

Buckingham Green Shopping Center

4920 York Road, Route 202
Holicong, PA 18928

Open Wednesday – Sunday from 11:00am until 6:00pm and by appointment

Phone: (215) 794-4300