There is a quiet, luminous, timeless . . . almost Old World sensibility to the work of this talented Bucks County native. His exacting brushwork and use of light and dark brings forth such energy and substance it is difficult to call them “still life” paintings.

The spring of 2017 was the first time I spotted Evan Harrington’s work in his parents’ Pipersville home. Lovingly placed throughout the house, they were irresistible. Glenn was proud to tell me, “Those are my son Evan’s, he may be my favorite artist.” It was an aha moment, and I asked if he thought Evan would like to put some work in the gallery . . . we have been proud to carry his paintings ever since.


1. What are you currently working on?

Currently I am working on sketches for a series of small paintings focusing on the balance of shapes and textures. Half of my sketching includes writings on possible subject matter, alluring color combinations, and compositional strategies. Often my goal is to plan heavily for a painting and then when it is time to approach the canvas, allow for full spontaneity.


NOTE:  Chef’s Table, below, is a marvelous example of one of Evan’s small paintings . . . this little gem is only 5 x 7 inches. An 18 x 24 inch version, which he recently completed, is now on view in the gallery.

Another painting Evan finished during the last few months is Courtyard Bouquet (20 x 20 inches, oil on linen), featured in the Fine Art Friday header. Imagine . . . as good as it looks here, it is tremendous to behold in person!


2. Which piece of your work are you most proud of?

A few years ago I was searching for a new direction to take my work. As opposed to tackling new subject matter, my drive was to replicate the mood and atmospheres that I enjoyed in other artist’s work and apply it to the things that I was already familiar with painting. What I began to realize is that I found success intermittently removing myself from observational painting and spending more time seeing what the paint revealed to me. I only felt comfortable leaving reality for stints after many years of strict replication of what I saw. Dawn (shown below), was my first finished painting using this process.

3. If you could magically have, all to yourself, any piece of art that you’ve ever seen in person, what would it be? (Something that moved you, gave you goosebumps.)

Every time that I go to a museum and come across a Vermeer painting, I get goosebumps. Almost all of his paintings have that impact on me. However a painting that I would love to have in my studio so that I could study it everyday would be Velazquez’s The Triumph of Bacchus. There are so many things to learn from this painting. I had the privilege of seeing it once while traveling in Spain. To be honest, the subject matter is of almost no interest to me, but I find the painting a technical masterpiece and inspiring in every way. Perhaps I should order a poster of it for my studio.


4. What has been the hardest part of being at home during Covid-19?

The hardest part of Covid-19 for me has been watching people isolate themselves and seeing businesses close. The heaviness is tangible, and all of the cyber socializing although necessary, falls short.

5. What has been the silver lining?

The silver lining has been the reprioritization of many people’s lifestyles. Mine has been to turn off the news and take advantage of our moments as a family and appreciating all of the things we do have.

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