Inspired by a desire to take a decidedly new direction, Buzgo experiments with both technique and tone to cover a vast realm of seasons and subjects and sizes. Buzgo’s newest work is a glimpse into the many stories of her life, both real and imagined, reflected in this varied collection that runs the gamut from dramatic to serene.

Her distinctive, energetic brushstrokes are juxtaposed with balanced compositions and invigorated with a mood-driven new color palette. “Exploring different color mixes, subjects and approaches keeps things fresh and exciting for me.”
Buzgo believes that nature provides the best subjects, composition and story. “You’ve just got to harness it. Capturing my explorations in paint and creating lasting images of these inspirational scenes that people can enjoy for years to come is my goal. I’m translating my experiences with nature, architecture and an emotional reaction to these places. I want people to feel as if they are there in the moment.”

An industrious, passionate and prolific painter, Jean has created a loyal following in this area and beyond, especially with recent views of her favorite places: New Hope and Lambertville. Stop in and see her newest paintings, delivered fresh off the easel!
Also, check out her handmade necklaces, inspired by her palette and available now!