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LATE AUTUMN by Joseph Barrett - 28 x 30 in., o/c

The Silverman Gallery, now in its eighth year, continues its commitment to showcasing original oil paintings by today’s finest artists working in the New Hope tradition.

Glenn Harrington


A Collection of Bucks County Inspired Illustrations

Extended thru December 9, 2018!

Glenn’s November 2018 offering of fine original oil paintings is a Bucks County art event like no other. For the first time, these illustrative masterpieces will be shown and available for purchase. Bringing to life favorite stories from literature and history, there will be something here to capture the attention of readers of all ages, from Shakespeare to Twain to Cervantes!

Glenn works from his lovely Pipersville studio, in an idyllic country setting in Upper Bucks County. His luminous landscapes are classically painted and often contain a favorite person or stand of sycamore trees. Known for his critically acclaimed portraits and figurative work, he has painted for galleries and publications around the world for nearly 40 years. He has consistently won awards from the Oil Painters of America, Art Renewal Center, and the International Guild of Realism.



Evan Harrington

Highlighting new paintings by Evan Harrington!

Bucks County born and raised, Evan is one of the most gifted young artists in the area. A graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and influenced by his work with other local artists (especially his father Glenn), Evan brings an Old World sensibility and drama to his beautifully crafted still life work.

You feel as though you are looking at paintings from another time and place. We are so happy to present his work, and more will be available once he lands!

Jim Rodgers

Jim has been painting Bucks County and beyond for over 30 years. He paints a wide range of subjects: from lush American and European landscapes to intimate genre paintings and elegant and sophisticated still life and floral renderings.

Jim’s style reflects a richness in tone and color that comes from over 30 years of professional study and numerous sojourns throughout the world.

Joseph Barrett

Barrett’s work is among the most sought-after of today’s local living artists. For over 40 years, Joseph Barrett of Lahaska has created iconic images of Bucks County . . . paintings that are whimsical, vibrant, full of life and imagination. The work of this beloved and acclaimed Bucks County artist is always a treat for the eyes.

“Beautiful work . . . to live and play in Barrett’s world would be a joy.” – R. Filipiak, ICON Magazine

Jonathan Mandell

Jonathan is a fine art tile and glass mosaic artist living in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. He follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, serving on the board of what is now the Delaware Valley University.

Mandell’s talent lies in the implementation of fundamental fine art concerns, such as perspective, color composition, and drawing into the medium of mosaic. Utilizing such materials as glass shards, ceramic tile, semiprecious stones, minerals, mirror, and marbles, Mandell creates wall-mounted panels, which evolve into what he calls, “tactile paintings”.

Anita Shrager

Anita is a dedicated Bucks County plein air painter with 40 years of professional study. Her paintings are a softer, blended version of Impressionism, oils thinly applied in transparent layers, building up to a depth of color and shape infused with her lightness of touch.

Painted reflections cast into Delaware Valley waterways are just spectacular and award-winning landscapes and floral studies bring year-round touches of color to her collectors’ walls.

David Stier

“I plan to shift my very small time collecting focus from James Moser and Harry Leith-Ross to David Stier, before his works get too expensive. I don’t want to go through the rest of my life without David’s art on my walls.” – DAVID S. BARRY

David Stier’s world is comprised of wonderful shadows and light, subdued colors with a certain earthiness to it, something almost primal. Edges are blurred and brought back into focus, bringing you along into the painting.

David’s work is set apart in that he works primarily on birch panels, presenting each painting in his own handcrafted, gilded and stone-washed frames.

Jennifer Hansen Rolli

Jennifer is known for her sweeping landscapes and elegant, painterly style. Glorious paintings have emerged from her day-to-day travels on Bucks County roads. Seascapes, streetscapes and intimate figurative portraits hold equal footing. The past two years, Rolli has been hard at work finalizing her second and third children’s books. Her many followers are glad to have her back at her easel.

Signed copies of Jennifer’s children’s books, CLAUDIA & MOTH and JUST ONE MORE are also available!

Desmond McRory

Desmond is an award winning artist who considers himself to be a tonalist painter, simplifying his subject matter with soft and blended brushwork or vibrant swatches done with a palette knife.

He sets the mood in stunning colors, with atmospheric paintings that seem lit from within. In 2014, his Fog on Lower Creek was chosen by Moravian College’s Payne Gallery to become part of their permanent collection.

Jean Childs Buzgo

Jean’s paintings are joyfully and thoughtfully rendered, with subject matter that is always a treat for the eye. The historic buildings and byways of the local towns and the area’s farms and waterways continue to inspire her.

An industrious, passionate and prolific painter, Jean has created a loyal following in this area and beyond, especially with recent views of her favorite places:  New Hope, Lambertville and Bowman’s Tower. Stop in and see her newest florals . . . fresh, whimsical and playful!

“You beautifully capture so many lovely scenes we get to see in our unique and magical world that is Bucks County!”

– Barbara S. (New Hope)

In March of 2011 the Silverman Gallery opened its doors, fulfilling another one of Herman Silverman’s dreams, just one of many dreams and visions brought to fruition in his long and impactful life.

On our last visit with Herman, the week before he passed, Jennifer Hansen Rolli and I sat with him. The half hour we spent with him was magical, he was lucid, smiling and clear-headed, singing a show-tune to illustrate a point! He reminded us to always give back: “What was the use of having money if you didn’t help people.” Jennifer told him just what I was thinking. “The Silverman Gallery has changed my life, Herman, thank you so, so much.”

I know that Herman impacted my life forever, too – hiring me to work with gallery director Sharon Kraynak, back in 2012. I cannot thank her enough for asking me to consider doing so. I went from assistant to director in the fall of 2013 and have to say that I thank my lucky stars every day as I walk into the beautiful space that Herman created. Taking over ownership of the gallery in January of 2016, fulfilled for me a lifelong dream.

In my home town of Albuquerque, I grew up surrounded by fine art, artists, artisans and craftspeople:  jewelers, potters, weavers, painters and even a few musicians and actors. My brother, sister and I spent many of our weekends going with my parents in and out of galleries, going to craft fairs and hanging out with creative people. As I grew older, I worked in my dad’s jewelry business, cutting turquoise, polishing silver, working on displays. In high school, my favorite place to be in the world was working in my dad’s art gallery in San Antonio, Texas.

Now, 40 years later I feel as though I have come full circle. The Silverman Gallery, has become my favorite place! I work with the most amazing artists and delight in selling their work. The wonderful paintings we sell truly make people happy and make a difference in their enjoyment of life. “The Silverman Gallery has changed my life, Herman, thank you so, so much.” – RHONDA GARLAND

The Silverman Gallery

Buckingham Green Shopping Center

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Holicong, PA 18928

Open Wednesday – Sunday from 11:00am until 6:00pm and by appointment

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